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Whole Body Regimes

Your face should not be the only part of your regime. Body exfoliation is also essential for maintaining healthy skin. Consider an oil based body scrub and a body cream, once a week, applying right after a shower on a daily basis. For extremely dry skin, a body oil should be applied right after the body cream.

Other tips include:

  • While it might feel nice to take hot showers, this is doing your skin more harm than good because it’s dehydrating. Lukewarm temperature is best.
  • Avoid licking your lips. This might provide quick relief to chapped lips but that feeling is short-lived and can make them more sensitive.
  • The best solution to keep your lips soft and hydrated is to reapplying lip balm.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water which helps to hydrate from within.
  • Drink a nice warm herbal tea.

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