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Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

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Microcurrents, in their simplest explanation, are low level electrical current either generated by or conducted by the body. Basically, the small amounts of electricity that pass in and around the cells.

Microcurrent is naturally generated in the body to produce the energy required for muscle movement and nerve impulses. It is the body’s own electrical system that provides the voltage for ionic exchanges across the cell membranes allowing for cell functions including the intake of nutrients from the blood, removal of cellular waste and movement of impulses along nerve pathways.1 The harmonious flow of these tiny electrical signals is also essential for healthy cell function and cell-to-cell communication.

The treatment lifts, tones and reduces fine lines leaving you looking younger and healthier within a very short amount of time. The most amazing thing about microcurrent technology is the speed at which a treatment can be administered.

A standard treatment is typically administered in 30 minutes, with a total visit time to a practitioner of less than 45 minutes.  The basic treatment is a procedure that involves the delivery of microcurrent into the face using conducting wands. The experience causes no pain or swelling, and the age-defying results are remarkable. We typically recommend 10 facial treatments, once a week to start and then your medical provider will adjust your appointments according to your progress.