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Laser Hair Removal

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One of the most requested treatments at Connecticut’s Transformations Med Spa & Fitness is our laser hair removal option. We are one of the best spas to offer these kinds of treatments for a number of reasons.

  • Quality Equipment—We are always on the lookout for new equipment to provide our clients with the best laser hair removal procedures. We want to also ensure that all of our clients are always safe, as well, when getting these procedures done, so we work only with the safest pieces of equipment, The Gentle Lase and Gentle Yag.
  • Long-Lasting Results—Our laser hair removal procedures have long-lasting results. This can save you time and money, since it means that you will not have to get the process done as often. We can achieve these kinds of results because we use the latest techniques and licensed medical professionals.
  • Excellent Rates—You will not be able to find another laser hair removal spa that can offer the same services that we do at our prices. Depending on what part of the body and how large the area is for the procedure, the prices will vary, but they will always be much lower than at other spa treatment facilities.

Transformations Med Spa & Fitness laser hair removal procedures are quick and can offer long-lasting results to satisfy everyone with dark unwanted hair. We can perform treatments on many areas of the body, including the back, face, bikini area, underarms, and so much more!

If you are searching for the kind of laser hair removal that you can depend on, turn to us at Transformations Med Spa & Fitness for lasting results!