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Fitness & Personal Training

What is Personal Training

Personal training is about breaking through barriers and overcoming your perception of what you can do. It is a journey that challenges both your physical and mental self on the path to a healthier you. How many times have you told yourself, “I can’t”? We know you are stronger and more capable than you think. Let us show you what you can really do. With the right tools and support, we believe that anyone, at any stage of life can regain their health, their energy and improve their outlook on life. At Transformations Med Spa and Fitness our private studio provides state-of-the-art equipment and our experienced Certified personal trainer David Palmer will motivate, support and guide you to your full potential.

How to get started

– The main purpose of the consultation and assessment is to chat about your fitness goals,

discuss your medical history through the use of a health questionnaire, and anything you think may have stopped you from reaching these in the past. Once we have set your goals, I would then begin by taking your starting weight, measurements and body fat then make mini and long term goals accordingly. From there you’ll go through a 30 minute complimentary fitness workout to see your strengths and weaknesses so I can appropriatly customize your workouts going forward. It’s all about having fun, and pushing your boundaries to reach your goals.

What to expect

You and your family can benefit from Personal Training services no matter your goal(s): balance/stability, sports performance, injury prevention, bodybuilding, triathlon conditioning, prenatal fitness, disease management, special needs, weight loss or simply a desire to look and feel great!

Our nationally-certified personal trainer David Palmer will customize a program to meet your unique needs, creating a safe and effective way to reach your goals along with a nutrition plan that is sustainable for long term results. The fitness programs may include cardiovascular exercise, resistance and/or functional training, or stretching, all with an individualized goal-oriented focus.

Rates: $30 per 1 hour session Packages are as follows:

● 1st Session = Free

●  2 Sessions = $55 (save $5)

●  4 Sessions = $100 (save $20)

●  8 Sessions = $210 (save $30)

●  10 Sessions = $260 (save $40)

●  12 Sessions = $300 (save $60) Most popular…3x Per week for 4 weeks =12

●  1 Month Unlimited = $400 (Value $900)

●  2 Months Unlimited = $700