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Chemical peeling

The purpose of a chemical peel is to gently damage and remove the top layers of the skin in a controlled manner. This process stimulates new collagen and promotes healthy skin cell growth, resulting in a better complexion beneath the surface of your skin.  The natural healing process improves your color, clarity, tone and texture while also decreasing breakouts and acne.

Steps during a Chemical Peel Facial at Transformations Med Spa:

#1 – The skin is cleansed from all dirt, oil and debris with a mild facial cleanser.

#2 – A clay mask is applied to detox, unclog pores and remove excess oil from the skin.

#3 – Skin is dried and prepared for the chemical peel application.

#4- Chemical is applied for a few minutes: The type of peel used depends on the nature of the individual’s skin concerns (Superficial/light, Medium Depth or Deep).  The Medical Provider will determine which peel will be best at each appointment.

#5- The chemical is neutralized and rinsed with clean, cool gauze pads..

#6- A skincare product will be applied:

(Option 1:) Non- Sterile serums/moisturizers to help hydrate, moisturize and repair the skin.

(Option 2:) High Grade Sterile Solutions – Ready Medical Products.  These are highly recommended to quickly protect, strengthen and repair damaged skin, which improves the skin’s integrity faster than regular non-sterile products.

#7- (OPTIONAL) Adding LED Phototherapy to enhance the effects of the overall treatment. The varying wavelengths of light trigger the skin’s natural healing processes to repair the skin.

*The Red Light helps to heal the skin by increasing collagen production, which in turn improves scarring and fine lines/wrinkles.

*The Blue light kills the bacteria on the skin that contributes to acne and also reduces the oil in the skin, which improves acne symptoms on a whole.

*The Green light reduces redness, pigmentation and regulates melanin production to help even the skin tone.

**LED phototherapy does not contain UV rays and is extremely safe for all skin types and is suitable for regular and consistent use.


Chemical peel- $125
*Optional: Ready Medical (Sterile serum – $75)
*Optional: Photo therapy – $25