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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are benign growths on the skin with a small stalk. They are often flesh-colored or darker. The cause of skin tags is unknown, but friction from skin against skin can lead to skin tags. They often appear in folds of the skin, such as eyelids, underarms, and the neck. While skin tags are generally painless, they may become irritated by clothing rubbing against the skin tag. Skin tags are usually harmless, but they may be indicators of hormonal or endocrine syndromes, such as acromegaly or polycystic ovary syndrome. Some serious skin conditions can imitate the appearance of skin tags, such as skin cancer, including melanomas, and benign conditions like seborrheic keratosis or moles.

1 Skin Tag: $125

2-5 Skin Tags: $225

6-10 Skin Tags: $275

11-15 Skin Tags: $325

16-30 Skin Tags: $375

Transformations Med Spa uses cautery to remove skin tags. The cauterization process involves using a small tool to burn away the skin that makes up the skin tag. The Cautery pen is a heated needle used to cauterize the stalk. Once the skin tag falls off, those cells are dead. The cauterizatioin process is a one step process and is very quick. There is usually no need to have a repeat appointment for any particular skin tag once removed. It will take a week or two for the skin tag removal area to heal, depending on the size of the skin tag that’s been removed and your level of precision. You’ll get a small scab that will gradually heal and flake off. You need to be careful not to disturb the scab as this could lead to scarring.

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