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Cellulite Vacuum/Wood Therapy & Buttocks Enhancement Cupping Therapy

Treatment Detail

Cellulite Vacuum/ Wood Therapy Only: $100

Cellulite Vacuum/ Wood Therapy & Buttocks Cupping Combo: $150

The Vacuum Cupping Treatment is a non-invasive treatment. It uses a vacuum applicator to draw in skin tissue. The procedure is for improving the appearance of cellulite and reducing circumferences and that it may also be therapeutic for improving circulation and muscle aches in the treated areas.

Cupping is performed by suction at certain points on the body in an attempt to treat buttocks enhancement, slimming, detox, anti-cellulite, pain management, and to stimulate lymphatic drainage. It is not a weight-loss solution and it does not replace traditional methods such as liposuction.

However there is a possibility of short-term effects such as discomfort, reddening, temporary bruising and temporary discoloration of the skin as well as rare side effects, just as scarring and permanent discoloration.

The suction pressure may cause sensations of deep pulling, tugging and pinching. You may experience intense stinging, tingling, aching or cramping as the treatment begins. Clinical results may vary depending on individual factors, including but not limited to the medical history, skin type patient compliance with pre- and post-treatment instructions, and individual response to treatment.

The Vacuum Cupping involves a series of treatments with a recommendation of 8-9 treatments ; once per week.

There are no guarantees regarding its use and effects. You are free to stop the cupping treatment at any time.


• Diabetes – the body’s inability or lowered ability to regulate blood sugar and fat levels can

significantly hinder the proper removal of fat cell contents from the lymphatic system, thus

lowering the overall effectiveness of the treatments

•Thyroid problems – thyroid regulates overall metabolism of the body, thus it can deter the

proper disposal of fat contents from the body, and hence also lower the overall effectiveness of

the treatments

•Current or history of skin cancer or pre-malignant moles – In order to avoid and prevent any further irritation to these conditions’ treatment of body areas with these conditions should not be


We recommend you talk with your physician before committing to any treatment.

•Any active skin conditions – It is best to schedule treatment when any skin conditions in

treatment areas such as sores, psoriasis, eczema, herpes and rashes are no longer active to

avoid and prevent any further irritation of skin.

•Alcohol and Caffeine – These substances will slow down lymphatic drainage of fatty acids and toxins. For best results, please try to avoid or reduce your intake of products that contain them during the course of treatment.

•Infection in the urinary system i.e. kidneys, bladder and urethra Crohn’s Disease

•Hyperthyroidism Deep Venous Thrombosis Lymphedema Medical Information.

For more information on any contradictions that are shown and /or in our consent forms , Please give us a call at (860)-217-0764